53 Ways to Come

1. With your hand in my cunt
2. While playing with my nipples
3. Getting fucked in my ass
4. Kissing
5. Listening to you talk dirty to me
6. Getting pissed on
7. Being cut
8. Humping your leg
9. While cooking
10. While being slapped on my face
11. When told to
12. Giving head
13. With my thighs tied together
14. While getting beaten with your hands
15. Getting head
16. With a small vibrator on my clit
17. With my mouth on your boots
18. When dancing
19. With a Hitachi on my clit
20. Getting fucked with a dildo
21. While getting caned
22. In public bathrooms
23. While getting kicked
24. While listening to live music
25. When touched lightly
26. At a play party
27. While sucking my fingers
28. While being held down
29. With your mouth on my boots
30. With no touch at all
31. Getting spanked
32. When crying
33. With more than one lover at a time
34. While being hurt
35. While blindfolded
36. While my cunt is being hurt
37. During a body massage
38. Being tattooed
39. Tied up
40. In an alley
41. While being slapped on my chest
42. At the theater
43. While painting
44. On my knees
45. While getting my armpit licked
46. On a pile of dirt
47. Tied to a tree
48. With my thighs spread open
49. When I can’t breathe
50. On a train
51. While sucking your fingers
52. Riding on a motorcycle
53. While smelling you

About Avery Cassell

Avery Cassell is a queer butch San Francisco writer, poet, cartoonist, and artist who grew up in Iran.
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2 Responses to 53 Ways to Come

  1. poeticgrin says:

    Whew, is it hot in here? Love the concept, love the execution, love the creativity. As the great Maya Angelou wrote:

    We are more alike than unalike.

    I could give you specific numbers, but I would blush.


  2. Birdielou says:

    I wanted 100 ways. You should add some.


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