Review: Me and My Boi

boiMe and My Boi (edited by Sasha Green) is an anthology that is hot and definitely worth the read. I bought this because god knows, there aren’t enough butch/boi/transmasculine couples written about in smut and I’d heard that this anthology contained a few. Butch/femme and femme/femme smut is awesome, but what tipples my nipple and floats my boat is butch/boi/transmasculine couples.

The stories with masculine couples were Sinclair Sexsmith’s “Five Blow Jobs”, Dena Hankin’s “Teamwork”, and Victoria Villasenor’s “Resurrection.” Of these three, “Five Blow Jobs” was the only one where the protagonists were hot for one another because they had similar gender presentations (they’re Daddy/boy), rather than despite it…and yes, it was tres hot. I love a good blow job description. “Teamwork” was about two long-time friends who unexpectedly hook up, and “Resurrection” was about a butch with a femme at home, but who has a penchant for seducing bois for sexual relief.

There were quite a few submissive bois, which was charming. I grew up in Iran, so was surprised by and attracted to Pavini Moray’s “Nisrine”, Inside for its sensuality, the lovely submissive boi Miki, and portrayal of a Persian dyke (!).

Please….give us more smut with butch/boi/transmasculine couples!

About Avery Cassell

Avery Cassell is a queer butch San Francisco writer, poet, cartoonist, and artist who grew up in Iran.
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