Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas go to IMsL

Grtie and alice at IMSL

Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas are going to International Ms Leather this year…and our very own Jessica Bogac-Moore will be showing the twosome around! Visit Dorian Katz AKA Poppers the Pony at her booth to pick up your own free Gertie and Alice postcard from Stacked Deck Press. Dorian will have butch coloring books for sale too.

Was Alice really a femme power bottom? We think so. Gertrude’s writing is known for stream-of-consciousness and word play, and had many works with obvious or hidden queer sub context. We all love “As a Wife Has a Cow A Love Story” the best…with its coy references to giving Alice orgasms. Gertrude Stein liked giving Alice orgasms – she called it ‘making a cow come out’. Throughout their 36-year long marriage, they exchanged innumerable lovey nicknames; Alice was gay, kitten, pussy, baby, queen, cherubim, and cake, while Gertrude was king, husband, hubbie, mount fattie, and fattuski, and littered their apartment with mash notes to one another. Was their deliriously happy love affair their most sublime creation? 

About Avery Cassell

Avery Cassell is a queer butch San Francisco writer, poet, cartoonist, and artist who grew up in Iran.
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