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About Avery Cassell

Avery Cassell is a queer butch San Francisco writer, poet, cartoonist, and artist who grew up in Iran.

How I Moved to Northampton

A year has past since my second heart attack and I’ve been in Northampton with my partner DK for six months now. The journey here ended up being bizarre and unworldly. Living in San Francisco and working with people that … Continue reading

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The Solstice Gift Won the NLA 2020 Pauline Reage Novel Award!

The Solstice Gift, just won the the 2020 Pauline Reage Novel Award from the National Leather Association (NLA). It feels amazing and a little surreal to have my kinky, queer, and strange little book recognized by the NLA. I started … Continue reading

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1/6/2020 – A Golden Dream

1/6/2020 – The day begins before dawn. It begins in my dreams; we live together, awash in the pale golden light of love. We glide through our cottage, the air thick with domesticity and desire. Birds dine on sunflower seeds … Continue reading

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12/28/2019 – Francy the Cat Moonbathes

12/28/2019 – Francy has found a spot in the bay window to moonbathe, the tufts of dark fur between her pink toes perky and her green eyes half shut. She’s a chunky cat, sturdy but mainly fur, not fat. Her … Continue reading

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12/24/2019 – A Killing in the Building

12/24/2019 – I get ready for sleep, undressing and slipping between my worn flannel sheets. The apartment still smells of baking cheese from the gratin and I cannot hear my neighbors. It’s an old apartment, built in 1906, the year … Continue reading

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