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Perverts Put Out! Mayday Edition

Perverts Put Out! Mayday Edition Come dance around the Maypole! Join us for a spirited, smutty response to the state of emergency we all find ourselves in. Just days before the traditional worker’s holiday and a national day of resistance, … Continue reading

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Erotica Pet Peeve: Thrum

If I was the Grand Poobah Editor of Smut, I’d immediately toss out any erotic fiction that used the word ‘thrum.’ Reading ‘thrum’ will cause me to close the book on an otherwise dandy piece of writing. Within the context … Continue reading

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Doily Is My Safeword – Chapter 1

  CHAPTER 1 — THE TEA SMUGGLER AND HER HUSBAND When Lucky and I finally got hitched, we did it because we couldn’t stop fucking. That’s not entirely true, but it’s true enough. We couldn’t stop fucking, sharing dinners, cooking … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Life: A Humorous Glimpse at the Truth.

La life de l’artiste It’s beautiful in San Francisco, and it’s easy to appreciate because I make enough from book sales that I only have to work part-time. I get off work and take the Milan trolley home. The hot … Continue reading

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A Valentine’s Day Vignette

It was morning and I was still in my flannel pajamas. I gathered our dirty shirts, socks, briefs, and jeans, stripped the bed of the week’s sheets, grabbed the dank towels off the brass rack in the bathroom, and stood … Continue reading

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