Resistance: The LGBT Fight Against Fascism in WWII
 is a 31st Lambda Literary Award Finalist! London, Paris, and Berlin were exciting and vibrant hubs for LGBT culture in Europe in the 1920s and early 1930s, flush with gay clubs, newspapers, drag shows, literature, art and more. All that changed with the rise of fascism and Hitler’s power grab in 1933. In a few short years, the liberal Weimar Republic in Berlin transformed from a progressive democracy to a Nazi led dictatorship. Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transsexuals fought against the Nazis, but their struggles have often been overlooked by history books. In Resistance: The LGBT Fight Against Fascism in WWII, we honor those women and men. This important book is a collection of fully illustrated historical biographies of 41 LGBT freedom fighters, with illustrations by 21 contemporary LGBTQ+ activists. Edited by Diane Kanzler and foreword by Laura Antoniou.


Behrouz 200pxBehrouz Gets Lucky is a romantic, literary, and kinky novel about two older San Francisco queers – a butch dyke gardener named Lucky and a genderqueer librarian named Behrouz. A coffee date at Café Flore in the Castro sparks a fiery trans-butch relationship that ends with the couple eating falafel in bed at 3 am half way around the world in a hotel in Tehran, Iran. Forced gentrification in modern San Francisco goads Behrouz and Lucky to find their own uniquely sexy way of reclaiming the city’s lost queer spaces. Behrouz Gets Lucky is also tenderly sensual – an immersive novel, full of fragrances, delicious food, delirious fucking, and beauty.


Butch Book 2 coverThe Butch Lesbians of the 50s, 60s, and 70s Coloring BookCover butch: Cherifa Bakalia, the first woman grain seller in the souks of Tangier, Morocco.  Bigger and badder than ever, with over 40 powerful butches. It’s not just a coloring book for adults, this is LGBTQ history in action! Drawn and colored by Avery Cassell. Edited by Avery Cassell and Jon Macy. Biographies and bibliographies by Avery Cassell. Forward by Sasha T. Goldberg. Butch Lesbians of the 50s, 60s, and 70s Coloring Book is lovingly illustrated by a talented crew of queer artists including Jon Macy, Avery Cassell, Janet Hardy, Paige Braddock, Tyler Cohen, Dorian Katz, Ajuan Mance, Diane Kanzler  and more.


Butch Lesbian Coloring Bookcover

The Butch Lesbians of the 20s, 30s, and 40s Coloring Book. The starch of a well pressed shirt, the oiled hair and hint of aftershave, the flash of the pinky ring, and the declarative gaze of the woman who dares to embody such a statement. Pathologized as Inverts, criminalized as cross dressers, and categorized as perverts, our butch heroines not only survived, but were poets, pilots, speed boat racers. They were proudly butch as women, sometimes passed as men, and all the while endured scrupulous societal gaze. Beautiful, handsome, and ever charming, these 1920s-1940s Butches await your celebration, your admiration, and, of course, your color schemes. Cover butch: Frieda Belinfante, a member of the Dutch Resistance during World War II, drawn by Avery Cassell and colored by Jon Macy. Edited by Jon Macy and Avery Garland Cassell. Biographies by Avery Cassell. Forward by Sasha T. Goldberg. Butch Lesbians of the 20s, 30s, and 40s Coloring Book is lovingly illustrated by a talented crew of queer artists including Jon Macy, Avery Cassell, Janet Hardy, Paige Braddock, Tyler Cohen, Dorian Katz, Dylan Edwards and more.


Unspeakably Erotic (1)Unspeakable Erotic: Lesbian Kink is a 2018 gold winner of an IPPY (Independent Publishers Book Award) and a 30th Lammy finalist! The incomparable Sacchi Green edited this anthology, and my story “Blue Plate Special: Your Boot on my Cunt” is published here in all its romantic and sexy glory. This story is one of my favorites, paying homage to public play, BDSM, and Chow, a lovely, queer, and now defunct restaurant in the Castro. (And please ignore the cheesy cover!)



Best Lesbian Erotica 2015 is the fiercest, freshest lesbian erotica of 2015, and curated by the legendary Laura Antoniou, million-selling author of The Marketplace series. These stories will make you want to call your girl in the middle of the afternoon and tell her things that make her squirm. Images of dykes fucking will take over your brain. Read these stories and you’ll be compelled by wet and throbbing erotic need. Chapter one of Behrouz Gets Lucky is included in this anthology!


sex spoken

Sex Still Spoken Here is not just a steamy, eclectic mix of hot stories, it’s also an inspiring call to action, staking another fierce claim on importance of voicing the erotic. The Erotic Reading Circle–held monthly since 2006 at San Francisco’s Center for Sex & Culture–is a community where writers put words to our complex desires and longings, and in which our erotic stories are celebrated and honored, not dismissed. This collection is culled from that Circle, representing the many writers who’ve dared to wrestle with the erotic muse. Avery’s “The Train Trip”, a steamy story about a chance fuck in the bathroom on a train in included in this anthology!

queer-heroes Buy The Queer Heroes Coloring Book (edited by Tara Avery and Jon Macy. Stacked Deck Press.) We need to remember our queerness and remember how to have fun now, more than ever. The Queer Heroes Coloring book features 40 true life LGBTQ heroes and icons. The coloring pages are provided by a host of today’s most exciting and accomplished queer cartoonists, including Ed Luce, Jennifer Camper, and Howard Cruse. Also included are short bios of the subjects to guide further reading and inform a new generation about LGBTQ history.  I drew the illustrious writer, Jane Bowles and her Moroccan lover, Cherifa!