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The German Hitchhiker

The German hitchhiker hovered five inches above the sand, His blond hair glowing in the mid-afternoon Shirazi sun, Ponytail slung insolently over one shoulder, Jeans tight and torn, Dusty backpack at his sandaled feet. I was 16 with an empty … Continue reading

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The Joy of Hunger — 1972

Andy and I sat on the concrete stoop, South end of Columbus in the summertime, Gravel crumbling on the step’s edges, Marlboro and Kool butts tossed by the metal rail, Our knees touching, Her plump tanned gold leg next to … Continue reading

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The Best High Ever: Tehran 1970

January in Tehran, I’m walking from the Iran-American Center to Tackhte Jamshid Boulevard, It is 33 degrees today and I wear my sheepskin coat, The full-length one that is embroidered with cream blossoms, Maybe peonies but I’m not sure, It … Continue reading

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