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Finding Lucky, Part III

I’m sorry it’s been so long. I started writing Part III once and then ditched it. This is the second attempt. Everything is fine between us, or at least as fine as possible in this turbulent environmental and political climate. … Continue reading

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The Ceilings of Seattle

I looked up. I was visiting Seattle, and this was the first ceiling I’d seen. My trick’s mother-in-law apartment had been refinished recently. The living room was paneled in real wood; not tacky rec room paneling, but rather 1930’s cabin resort fir planks. The ceiling was low and painted cream. I could see a thin crack the shape of Italy running diagonally near the northwest corner. It was clean and smooth, with no spider webs or dust. There was one couch, a wood and leather sling chair, a reddish Oriental carpet, and a music stand in the room, but not much else. Wine-colored velvet drapes hung at the room’s small window.
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