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The Desperate Dilettante

I’m creative, but often feel like a dilettante. I can paint, write fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, draw comics, and sew…but so fucking what! Am I actually fabulous at any of these skills, or is making art just a sweet self-indulgence? … Continue reading

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Butches, Inking, and David Bowie

It’s a gorgeous Sunday spring afternoon in San Francisco; sunny, 58 degrees and breezy. The trees beneath my window are covered in pink blossoms, and I have a salmon fillet marinating in mustard, balsamic vinegar, and maple syrup ready to cook … Continue reading

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The Commander

I hate every minute of you. Not you like a person, But you like a date, Like a time, Like a space inside my heart that is black. Not black like all the colors in the universe, (Or is it … Continue reading

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