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The Ceilings of Seattle

I looked up. I was visiting Seattle, and this was the first ceiling I’d seen. My trick’s mother-in-law apartment had been refinished recently. The living room was paneled in real wood; not tacky rec room paneling, but rather 1930’s cabin resort fir planks. The ceiling was low and painted cream. I could see a thin crack the shape of Italy running diagonally near the northwest corner. It was clean and smooth, with no spider webs or dust. There was one couch, a wood and leather sling chair, a reddish Oriental carpet, and a music stand in the room, but not much else. Wine-colored velvet drapes hung at the room’s small window.
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Lili Marlene Gets Fucked

Confined to barracks – no longer in the street, Strapped to a red wooden kitchen chair, Splinters poking and pricking her hands, Pale legs splayed and freckles dancing, Her German ankles tied to a rung, Bound tightly and eight legs … Continue reading

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Seven — If You Count the Dwarf

  This hasn’t been a good three years for fucking, And by seven, I mean seven times not seven people, And my definition of “fucking” is somewhat broad; Would I do it at a cocktail party? Would I do it … Continue reading

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In the Playground – 9 pm

We walked past Delores Park at 9 pm, The air all thick with loamy dampness; Dirt and grass and the smell of the sea, The end of fall and start of winter, Making the night feel long. It was unusually … Continue reading

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Coming Home

What does it mean? That each time I write about you, I write about my mouth on your cunt, Me sucking all sweet and you all in me, We’re so tender with one another, Maybe one shove or one tiny … Continue reading

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